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You have been pwned.

Death By PWNing (Rating Comm. For Bitches)
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"2dae wuz fun. 1 w3nt 2 da sture n baught sum kandie. It wuz s0o0o0o0o0 gud. Lol. I hadnt kandie s00o gud since lyke, 4evah ago. lyke, wtf, mom shuld by m3 kandie mor awften. Lol. I suriosly tink shez a bitch. lyke ystrdae, she made me cleen my rom. Lol. I wuz lyke "huly shit" n i wunted 2 kil her. she iz the wurst mom evah. Lol. Sumt1mez, at knite, I touch myself watch Sesame Street kut my ritzs cuz my lyf iz s0so0o0o0 bad. Lol. lyke da opisite of my kandie. Lol. Lol. Lol. Lo--"

Please reload shotgun.


deathbypwning is a community for people who think they're actually worth something, to come and get their journals reviewed by our team of heartless bitches. Chances are you will cry. Chances are your parents will want to sure Live Journal to pay for the emotional damages you've suffered because that psychiatric bill was just too high for your crappy lower middle class family. Well that's too bad, if you think you actually stand a chance at passing our inspection then apply for a review!</b>


(A) . These are the rules. Follow them. Or you will be subjected to a camel toe for 24 hours, with live video feed to CNN.
(B) . We review both COMMUNITIES AND USER JOURNALS. For communities, only the owner of the community can request a review of their community.
(C) . When posting your request please use an lj-cut (one is in the pre-set request), otherwise you die. Inefficient with HTML? FAQ
(D) . DO NOT FUCKING BITCH ABOUT YOUR REVIEW. If you are a worthless piece of mongoloid defecation (which you probably are), then don't make a scene. YOU asked to get your journal reviewed and we are being honest.
(E) . Don't fucking delete your request because then we will still review your journal and publicise it everywhere.
(F) . We ask you to promote this community because it is not a rating community. We are doing something for you and in return you do something for us. It's not a complicated thing, and here it's totally appropriate. Don't question it just please promote to one place and that will suffice.
(G) . Don't advertise your own communities here. No one cares. You're alone in the world. Drink bleach.
(H) . If you and someone else get in a cat fight, don't start shit in personal journals. What's started in the community stays in the community. If you do shit all over someone's journal, you yourself are subject to a torrent of defication in your own journal, courtesy of everyone in the community and those who watch it.
(I) . If you do wish to re-think getting your journal reviewed, as I said DO NOT DELETE YOUR REQUEST RANDOMLY, that's fucking annoying. Edit it saying you've changed your mind and it'll be discarded.

Want to be a reviewer for deathbypwning? There are two parts to joining the team.

1) Email or Instant Message one of the owners and we will give you a journal to a review. There is no set style for reviewing, you've just got to have spunk, pizzaz, and make us laugh. When you finish your review please email it to xcinematiclife@netscape.net.

2) Your journal must be reviewed by a current Reviewer and it must be deemed a journal of acceptable quality. This is probably more difficult than writing your own review.


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